Keitje's     ripoff, Bloemenmarkt Singel in Amsterdam 2016 / 2018

SHAME on Amsterdam Marketing for promoting what they call on their website

          "The world-famous Amsterdam flower market"

And SHAME on all others promoting this blatant tourist trap!
It is unbelievable that the city of Amsterdam tolerates this
rip-off market to be open after all the complaints on tripadvisor.

Call it what you will, the Amsterdam Flower Market, Bloemen Market, even the 'World Famous only floating flower market in the world,' it still remains one of Amsterdam's most shameless rip-offs, scams and tourist traps! If after viewing these photo's you're still considering it as a good place to buy flower bulbs, then I suggest reading the reviews on Trip Advisor, but click on the negative one star reviews and read those. If you are persuaded by the five star reviews you will be sadly misled. Folks talk about how colourful the market is and the choice of so many beautiful and unusual bulbs. Yes, colourful all right. What is offered is not real, the colours do NOT exist. And locals do NOT buy their flower bulbs here! You donīt need to make up colours because the real choice in colours is a wonder, but the flowers pictured below simply don't exist! Also, you will often be shortchanged. The closed bags will have often far fewer bulbs and many rotten bulbs that you'll only discover when you get home. Months later, any of the bulbs that do come up will not be what you have bought. They'll be the standard red, yellow, or pink you could have bought at home and cheaper. This fraud has gone on for years and the local government, and tourist agencies are well aware of it. They continue to promote this market anyway. If you do visit the market, see it for what it is, perhaps the worlds only floating ripoff market!

This not a new development, as shown in the photographs of the flowermarket in 2006.

2016 / 2018

  Sky blue Belladona bulb. No such thing exists. Spelling Belladonna with one 'N' does not mean you are referring to something else. This is highly unlikely to be Amaryllis belladonna and the sky blue colour even less chance.

  Have you ever seen a purple Amaryllis? (you have more chance seeing a purple cow)

  A tulip as black as coal...nope. There are very dark tuliips, some nearing black, but this colour...doesn't exist...yet.

  A sort of dark blue, Navy blue There are many tulips approaching a blueISH shade, but this one...again, doesn't exist. Fake blues!

  The same fraud, now in a gift box. No wonder they've written 'Please do not open!!!' on the display. Open a box and you're likely to find a miserable old tulip bulb and if it even comes up, will certainly not be these colours.

  "New dutch bulbs" (indeed Dutch doesn't deserve to be capitalized when this blatent tourist trap so-called Flower market is allowed to operate like this). These shriveled up tubers are not looking viable. What are you meant to do with them at this time of year anyway? Unlikely even if you could somehow grow a dahlia from these tubers that they would be looking anything like the photos.

  Amaryllis in this colour...more fake blues!

  Patriotic tulips. Of course the blueshit tulip is included in this package. But you're most likely, if the tulips that DO come up, to just get a bunch of low quality reds.

  These bagged tulips are unlikely to contain anywhere near the number promised and of course of those that do come up will probably be red or whatever these frauders could lay their hands on cheap.

  More colour and naming lies. Allium Giganteum does not exist in these colours. Why not photoshop them neon chartreuse, shocking pink or carrot orange? Who cares? They're selling you fantasies on this market.

  Deep blue Calla lilies...FAKE.

  How about bright red Agapanthus?

  Pick a colour, any colour, all available at the Amsterdam Flower market!

  The magnificent,the breathtaking, the non-existent: Blue Peony


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