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to my city and country until 2006

Critical and explaining views on Holland, Amsterdam
and the Jordaan. Cultural and Architectural.

Opmerkelijke uitingen en bevindingen,
"Stadsvernieuwing"   met   foto's.

what about after 2006

Since the new millennium Amsterdam has been changing, from 2006 drastically.
An increase of hotels (in spite of hotel stops); an explosion of B&B's; real estate entrepreneurs buying houses like crazy (even social housing) and turn them into expensive tiny rooms renting them out for extreme prices; lots of housing only for foreign students are being build (universities making lots of money of these students); Amsterdammers (especially the elderly) are forced to move out of the city; the city is now geared to young tourists 365 days a year, just come for drinking, smoking and partying day and night; an unstoppable increase of bike-food-deleveries, rental (shared) bicycles and scooters on the streets; garbage and filth on most streets in the center, the cleaners cannot keeping up anymore; horeca and festival organizers can do what they want, no restrictions on closing hours and noise pollution, even in residental areas and nature parks.
No enforcement on any field whatsoever.
And Amsterdam City Board lets it all happening!
This is not my Amsterdam anymore and I stop with my website, leaving it just online to show how interesting Amsterdam was from the eighties until the beginning of the millenium. I really enjoyed doing it.

I'll end with the "famous" Flowermarket on the Singel in 2016/2018.
Was the market around 2006 pretty sad,
in 2018 he is simply criminal bad
Innocent tourists find out at home that
they are ripped-off by this scandalous market.

My last contribution is this pleasant video of Chanoeka celebration in december 2015 in the center of Amsterdam: chanoeka Amsterdamdecember 2015.


Ik klaag niet , maar merk slechts op

I'm not complaining , just explaining