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updated  20-04-2003


smoking with the coffee

warning on rolling tobacco

Welcome in please

Entering our country by air, you will already experience a bit of real Holland: coming out of the plane, you are welcomed by people smoking all over the place and you may wanna rush off to the smoke-filled, dark and depressing dungeons called the Schiphol train platforms, for the 20 minutes ride to the center of Amsterdam. Nowadays the airport itself is virtually smokefree, however it is sometimes still lacking of the necessary enforcement. If you are curious to know why it is that some people prefer to pronounce it as ShitHole then you really should read this story.

Smoking was prohibited in public government meetings by law not that long ago. The ministers however decided recently that during their own (public) meetings smoking is allowed (nothing portrays that image of power and elegance like a cigar or pipe). It clearly shows their attitute towards this issue. Europeans still think that nothing adds to a more sophisticated pose than a cigarette held for effect, sometimes even stuck into a special little holder.

People know us as a self-rolling-cigarette nation: rolling papers and the bit moistly rolling tobacco of Douwe Egberts (Drum, Van Nelle, and their coffee of course) and Niemeyer (Samson). Our only tobacco industry and we eagerly want to protect it. So came the warnings on the packaging much later and are they much less prominent in relation with cigarettes boxes. Our excuse: 'we cannot exactly measure the amount of tar and nicotine in our rolling tabacco, they fluctuate'.

In the Netherlands our welfare system takes care that people are not only ensured for the medical costs coming from smoking habits/addiction, but also that they keep a reasonable income up until death. This, as supposed to the United States where lawsuits are nessesary to cover medical and/or living expenses.

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smoking on terras
and outdoors

ashtray in car
dashboard ashtray


smokers starterpacket
for our starters



cigarettes black death

non smoking

On May 31th, 2001, nota bene World No Tobacco Day, our government voted in majority for her Tabacco amendment 2001 against the proposition of our minister of Health to raise the minimal age allowing to smoke from 16 to 18 years young.

Non-smoking area's are difficult to find in restaurants or coffee places and if so, they are besides the toilets or bordering on the smoking areas, of course with a sigar smoker on the next table.

We see this as 'tolerance towards the smoker'.

One restaurant even experimented using tobacco leaves in its cooking.

There are (only in Dutch) interesting publications about smoking in the Netherlands on the website of the Dutch Foundation on Smoking and Health called Stivoro. There is the Dutch non-smokers association Clean Air Now (now Clean Air Nederland).

And there is of course also a smokers rights newsletter.

sign weed starterskit
and tourists



cigars dutch masters


And the children are not forgotten !

Chocolate cigarettes, with on the packets names as Londen, Parijs and San Francisco. To make it to look as realistic as possible, the packets have the same measurements as a cigarette pack and the chocolate sticks are wrapped with white paper like a real cigarette.

For the little girls a pack of Aerobica and for the little boys a heavy cigar. So they can start already practising to get the right "smoking"-posture.



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