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For many years the advertisements in the Amsterdam innercity is a source of nuisance in the eyes of the Amsterdammers. Especially the Damrak, the socalled Red Carpet which leads from Central Station to Dam square, people find painful to the eyes because of the large amount of advertisements. The city-center council has decided to do something about it. Only advertboards in smaller sizes will be permitted when replaced. Only hotels are allowed to hang (not more than two) flags out. As the first deed the city-center council forced hotel Krasnapolski to take down her international row of flags from her roof. How disturbing are these sort of advert expressions in our historic innercity?
A random selection.

    a smile making car drives
        through the town to advert the circus

    riding for our commercial folklore

  Somtimes alternated by an other 'dummy' carriage

Every morning, no matter the weather
the piercing-bike is going outside,

  while this one is permanently attached.

Some monuments are for rent
for your parties and orgies

For many years the city council tolerated the proliferation of advertisements in the inner city. Now the aldermen want to get a hold of it, starting with restricting the number of flags to a maximum of two per hotel. Coffee shops, cafés and pubs are not allowed to hang out a flag. The rainbow flag is an exeption and is allowed to put out on gay establishments; she will not equally treated as the Irish flag at an Irish pub, which is nothing else than an advertisement for a place of entertainment and therefore banned.

  The extreme flag proliferation
will now finally be tackled?

The city council demanded
and Kras lowered them

  Even the little ones may have to go

The giant flag of the flag store
even has a chance to be banned

  Meanwhile a couple of kitschy
figures stay untroubled looking
onto our famous Dam square

and Albert Heijn advertisements
are disfiguring behind the Dam.

adverts on scaffolding cloth

The city-center council itself has decided to extend her test project until the year 2005; advertisements are put on large cloths hanging on scaffoldings, necessary for restoring or cleaning of façades. One-third of the money goes to the city council, see VVAB steigerreclame. They are allowed to be placed there for periods of nine weeks. A distressed city-center council makes sometimes unusual decisions to generate income. During a recent opportunity for public comments regarding advertisement expressions in the inner city, the subject of scaffolding adverts was of course banned from being discussed.

How these adverts on scaffoldings are effecting our monumental innercity in real terms is shown at the following commercial wrap of the monumental building Magna Plaza (previous the main post office)



Opposite of the Westertower is such a popular spot, that even the adverts are changing.

On the busy Raadhuisstraat both corner buildings are covered with scaffolding adverts.

Adverts for
beer and liquor
are no problem.

the Flower Market  
  on Het Singel

This all brings not even 400 thousand euros per year in for the Innercity government.
She hoped for about one and a half million as yearly "source of income".
Who says the Amsterdam Innercity does not sell out ?

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