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This 350 year old neighbourhood lays behind the western part of the canal girdle. Surrounded by four canals this long island stretches itself out from north, in the middle the Rozengracht, to south. Late 19th century this canal has been filled in and it is now sort of a highway for traffic going in and out the city. Close to it is the Westerkerk. Not really in the Jordaan but on the other (city centre) side of the Prinsengracht, belonging to the Grachtengordel. However, it is thÝs church with her emperor's crown that the Jordanese love so much and sing about.

The environmentally unfriendly and hazardous factories and workshops were moving into the Jordaan because they were not allowed practising their profession in the Grachtengordel. So did the sugar factories with their black carbon monoxide fumes, the textile weaving mills, the shoe- and hatmakers, the soap and paint factories. In the southern part settled the tanneries (leerlooierij, Looiersgracht). On the Bloemgracht there is still a paint factory active, but some neighbours are very concerned.

There were all kinds of narrow alleys in between and half under houses leading to the many outhouses and workshops behind the houses. Now they are all taken down or closed off with a door.



from North


fire auto repair garage

A fire
in an auto repair garage in the Driehoeksstraat brings the vulnerability of the small streets and old buildings in the Jordaan to mind.


This budget tourist
made a clever use of a public climbing toy, some carton and an umbrella to camp out. For extra privacy he even hung up some sheer curtains.

camping out on the Palmgracht


Window cleaners Palmgracht

Window cleaners
a century old and ineradicable custom in the Jordaan. A timeless view of long ladders with brave lads high in the top. The small monumental building in the middle (with the fašade stone), collapsed unexpectedly last year, after the workmen put a new roof on, while the foundation was not ready yet. The three-part frontdoor to the stairway was still in use.
It is now rebuild.


The beginning of a big building project
generating as a pleasant side effect a car-free Violettenstraat with beautiful plantpots. Sadly here also are heavy dogshit problems.

Open spot Westerstraat corner Violettenstraat






A timeless glance
at the famous monday-morning market in the Jordaan. Since some years this flea market has changed in a combination junk and antique market with outrageous prices.

old car model


legs, lingerie and headdress

On the cloth-market
you see the new Amsterdam population group. The so greatly overdone Jordanese "too blond, too brown and too gold" is slowly replaced by a less colorful headdress.


a toilet with shower curtain sheet over toilet-krul


trying on

public changing room


elvis is alive westerkerk


Elvis is alive . . . . . in the Jordaan





the heart in the Jordaan

the Heart in the Jordaan




to South-Jordaan

johnny jordaanplein johnny jordaanplein

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